Wireless Access Policy

The Wireless Access Policy states the company's position on use of wireless networking, including installation and configuration guidelines for access points, access to confidential data, and inactivity.

The purpose of this policy is to state the standards for wireless access to the network.  Wireless networking can be done securely if certain steps are taken to mitigate known risks. This policy outlines and communicates these standards, so that wireless networking can be implemented in a fashion appropriate to the security of the data.

A Remote Access Policy developed with the InstantSecurityPolicy.com application will include the following detailed sections:

1. Overview
2. Purpose
3. Scope
4. Policy
    4.1. Physical Guidelines
    4.2. Configuration and Installation
        4.2.1. Security Configuration
        4.2.2. Installation
    4.3. Accessing Confidential Data
    4.4. Inactivity
    4.5. Audits
    4.6. Applicability of Other Policies
5. Enforcement
6. Definitions
7. Revision History

Available in the Silver and Gold Packages, this is a policy that is intended to be used by technical staff and management only.

Your custom Wireless Access Policy will be delivered immediately upon completion of the wizard via email, as both a PDF and an RTF file.  RTF files are editable in all major word processing programs, including Microsoft Word.

Our security policies were written based on a cohesive and integrated approach using security best practices stemming from the C-I-A triad of confidentiality, integrity, and availability.  This approach aligns with both real-world and industry standard-based objectives, resulting in an invaluable resource for your security policy management.  A Wireless Access Policy developed with the InstantSecurityPolicy.com wizard will provide the foundation for a realistic, practical implementation of your IT security policy program.

Please contact us if you have any questions about this policy.

InstantSecurityPolicy.com has delivered thousands of IT Security Policies to companies from 5 to 50,000 employees.  The management of InstantSecurityPolicy.com has over 20 years of successful experience in the field of information security.

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