InstantSecurityPolicy Information Security Policies

Sample IT Security Policies and Screenshots

The following images are screenshots from the cyber security policy wizard, as well as sample security policies created using the wizard. Click an image to view a larger version.

Instant Security Policy Wizard Lobby Screenshot Instant Security Policy Confidential Data Policy Screenshot

Instant Security Policy Wizard Question Screenshot Instant Security Policy - Incident Response Policy Screenshot

If you would like to review a complete, customized sample policy, you can obtain one instantly by setting up a security policy trial account.

The team has developed a helpful whitepaper, "Creating and Implementing an Effective IT Security Policy," that describes the Security Policy development process and provides invaluable guidance and advice.

With tens of thousands of policies delivered to satisified customers we are sure that you will find our security policies to be extremely useful. We are so sure that we have a money-back guarantee!

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