silver product

The Silver Security Product is a middle-of-the-road type product, it doesn't include all the bells and whistles that are found in the Gold product, but is a step above the Bronze product. The Silver product is a good option for medium-sized companies, or companies with a moderate IT Security and documentation needs. Many choose the Silver product exclusively for the Incident Response Policy. The product includes:

All policies in the Bronze Product
Acceptable Use Policy
Password Policy
Backup Policy
Network Access and Authentication Policy

Incident Response Policy
Specifies exactly how the organization will respond in the event of suspected security incident. This policy defines security incidents, both physical (such as the loss of a laptop) and electronic. Includes preparation plans, response activities for different scenarios, and forensics/recovery based on your stated goals.

Remote Access Policy
States the company's position on accessing the corporate network remotely. Covers such topics as: permitted use of the network from remote sources, prohibited actions, use of VPN/encryption software, and accessing the network from non-company-provided computers.

VPN Policy
Covers how the company connects to remote sites or business partners with site-to-site VPNs. Includes such topics as authentication, encryption, management, logging and monitoring.

Guest Access Policy
States the company's policy for allowing guests, such as contractors or visitors, to connect to the corporate network. The policy covers AUP acceptance, account use, security of guest machines, guest infrastructure requirements, and more.

Wireless Access Policy
States the company's position on use of wireless networking, including installation and configuration guidelines, access to confidential data, and inactivity.

Third Party Connection Policy
This policy covers company standards for connecting to third parties such as vendors, partners, customers, consultants. It includes topics such as the use and security of third party connections, access restrictions, and audits.

User Acceptance Page
A signature page wherein the user accepts the user-oriented policies (in the Silver Product these are the AUP, Password Policy, and Remote Access Policy) and agrees to abide by their contents.